Earles dating

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Earles dating

But after touring the seven-bedroom house with eight working fireplaces, the Earles were smitten. “It is the most beautiful house that I have ever seen. Dexter, who retired as a partner from the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, and Carol, who enjoyed her own successful career in finance, first at Bankers Trust and later at the Ford Foundation and Alliance Capital Manage­ment, began collecting in the early 1980s.“We squished into a little Fiat with a friend who worked at Mallett on New Bond Street and zipped around London. We bought a slew of antiques for our New York apart­ment. Jason Earles, who played Miley Cyrus' older brother Jackson on "Hannah Montana," wed his longtime girlfriend this weekend in Los Angeles surrounded by family and friends, including his own Disney Channel co-stars.Now 40, Earles has largely stayed out of the spotlight since "Hannah Montana" came to an end in 2011 -- and found love in Katie Drysen, who he proposed to in November 2016 after three years together. Schmidt dared to be unfashionable, stub­bornly designing traditional houses for town and country long after they were in favor.* Schmidt’s houses in the American Georgian manner usually relied on a restrained com­bination of red brick, dark shutters, and white trim accented with classical motifs drawn from English precedent.After the excesses of the 1920s, Schmidt’s blue-blood clientele yearned for discretion.“When we arrived, there was a huge kitchen garden planted with Douglas Dillon’s favorite asparagus and rhubarb, a clothesline, and a cinderblock garage where the limos parked,” Dexter says.

Douglas Dillon, Dunwalke East in New Jersey’s Somerset Hills is among the best of Schmidt’s country houses, a taut play between grandeur and simplicity accomplished with a master’s economy of gesture (see Fig. The house closely resembles Hudson Pines, a 1938 Schmidt commission in Pocantico Hills, New York, for the Rockefeller family, with whom Dillon had lifelong personal and professional ties.“People wonder how we live with antiques,” she continues. We have done a great deal of entertaining of all sorts over the years and have always encouraged our guests to enjoy the house as we do. Hewitt, a practic­ing architect in Bernardsville, New Jersey, provided additional information on Mott Schmidt and his work for the Dillon and Rockefeller families for this article.There is no velvet rope.” Framed snapshots, children’s drawings, and souvenirs of summer sojourns abroad speak to the Earles’ devotion to family. Stern, “Introduction,” in Mark Alan Hewitt The Architec­ture of Mott B. For Carol, objects and memories are inextri­cably intertwined.Nadler, whom she met when he kept a small shop in Ber­nardsville.A gifted stylist and a connoisseur of the best Chinese export porcelain, Nadler’s opulent displays were fixtures of New York’s Winter Antiques Show for nearly three decades beginning in the mid-1960s.

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The Earles - whose home is just 1.6 miles from the house where Dupre lives - refused to talk to the Post when questioned about Ashley.