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The death toll on Dubai roads is one of the highest in the world per head of population, no doubt this is exacerbated by the prevalence of powerful expensive cars and opportunities to drive them fast.

It doesn't help that 80% or more of Dubai is expatriate with a wide range of nationalities represented - anyone who has travelled out of their home country will immediately notice that driving standards and habits vary the world over.

Assume that every bad habit you've ever seen is imported into Dubai and you'll get the idea.

The authorities are trying to curb this with fences in the middle so it's becoming less of a hazard.Could this result in a 90% reduction in the number of vehicles on the roads in Dubai?Emirates Today (a UAE newspaper) in early November 2006 started publishing photos of cars crashing through red lights, and other offences.Cars are left-hand drive, and traffic is supposed to stay on the right hand side of the road (as in Europe, US and Canada; opposite of Britain, Asia, Australia, South Africa and NZ).Bicycles with cardboard boxes or newspapers stacked up on the rear, however, seem to prefer doing the opposite - that may be a result of cyclists wanting to "face the enemy".

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