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Divorced dating moms

In , author Ed Wheat talked about three options every couple face during crises in marriage: get divorced, remain in a bad situation or stay together and make things better.I had chosen to stay, but eventually my husband served me divorce papers. I smiled and nodded for her to take the diploma to her dad, her quandary fixed for the moment. Long ago she outgrew her yellow bows, and her little curls have turned to long brown tresses.The teacher in front of me finished her words, then had the children stand to receive their diplomas: "Now students, take your diplomas to your parents." Ashley stood, head held high. She will soon graduate again, this time from high school.She reached with enthusiasm to accept her certificate, then she walked toward me, smiling. Her eyes met mine, and in that moment I saw every question and hurt and uncertainty she felt over her home breaking apart. How have I managed to raise her and her siblings by myself for more than 14 years? Sophia Reed's (life coach & Counselor) who writes for single moms who are the Frequency about 1 post per month. Everything you ever wanted to know about dating in today’s modern age. Since Jun 2011 Website dallassinglemom.com/category.. About Blog Christian single mom blog by a single mom Dr. About Blog Dating stories, advice, topics, sights and apps. She stopped and turned toward the rear of the room where her dad sat. God has truly remained faithful to me and my family over these years, and He will continue to guide us to the end of the journey. I've given my children the best of everything I could at home, school and church.

She looked over at me, despite her pain, and I saw that same look of uncertainty I had seen in her face at age 5.

Her dad had left our home when Ashley was 3, her sister, Courtney, was 1 and I was pregnant with her brother, Clint. Afraid to face what lay ahead on my own, I had surrendered my life to Christ.

I prayed, "I give You not just this situation, but I give You my whole life." Then I had read everything I could get my hands on and pulled godly people around me for counsel.

Parenting after divorce certainly has its rough terrain and learning curve. I just didn't want a reminder of the person who didn't work out, so I chose my own name again.

It's almost as if you're learning to reparent again and acquire a new way of viewing just about every single thing in your life.

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