Deeper dating experience Freefull sex chat

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Deeper dating experience

The places where you are the most tender are the places where you are the most beautiful.

And it is from these tender places where your love springs from!

Our most sensitive parts, the ones we have been programmed to be ashamed of, are in actuality begging for liberation!

Our search for love will fail if we don’t love those sensitive places in ourselves.

Our deepest insecurities are the markers of our greatest gifts and those gifts will lead us to the real love we are looking for!

How to recognize your own gift zone: Your core gifts are those places in which you are the most you. You can ask yourself: Where has my passion run really deep in my being? Exercise: Try the following for two days and watch what happens. Make little notes answering these two specific questions: Take notes about certain moments and honor each one of them.

You can think of them as shards of god inside you- they are those parts of you where you feel deeply. The places where your intensity and passion are very powerful for certain things. After 2 days if you look at all of those points it will be like a connect the dots- you will see the themes and those places where you can be most hurt and most inspired.

Often these are hot attractions and exciting, but the almost-ness goes on forever. Attraction of Inspiration occurs when you meet someone and you are physically attracted to them, AND you are emotionally and spiritually attracted to the way that they treat you, the quality of their consistency and integrity, and by their way of being in the world.

When you find someone like that, attraction is going to build in a different way. The attraction grows richer, more celebratory, and more real as time goes on.

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This discernment is the way you can be vulnerable, generous, kind, and be more protected than if you were playing games.

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