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I added the most likely manufacturing year without pretending to know it exactly!Through the years, many frames have had either a rash or some other dermatological disease.If you want to have your bike on the website, send a picture.I will only add bikes to the website after the owner has given his written consent unless its a museum piece or advertised for sale!Headstock frame casting numbers are found at the left, aft side on the steering head, saddle casting number is found on the left-hand side below the saddle.I also have found different casting numbers on steering head and saddle casting. Many petrol tanks have individual numbers at the bottom, front forks have individual numbers at front lower cross brace.

One way to try to fill these gaps is by making an inventory of all existing numbers.This wil inevitably be an incomplete inventory (many bikes lost, not everybody responding etc) , but it will hopefully give some insight in the numbers.The W numbers are the original WD16H War Department numbers from late October 1939 onwards.Also found on many early engines is a Quality control stamp consisting of a broad arrow over an M and with a number underneath.On all engines, bore and stroke are given at the right hand upper corner.

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Dating the bikes based on the contract numbers is a tricky issue.