David deangelos guide to online dating

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David deangelos guide to online dating

In other words, I would describe most PUA advice as "How to be alpha as much as possible," like, 90% of the time, be "alpha," challenge her, tease her, etc... He DID mention that when you are being playful, be playful completely.And when you are being sincere, be sincere completely. Oh, another bit that I've heard only from Adam Gilad, and it was a shocker to me.I heard some other dating coach cite Adam Gilad as one of the best he's seen, unfortunately now I don't recall where I heard it (in fact I'm not even certain it was about Adam Gilad, but I think so--I know it wasn't about Adam Lyons).Anyway, I've started to listen to Dating Younger Women and there's also a Boldness Code hour long webinar in it.She's very tall, blonde, blue eyes, very slender (even skinny). I remember, even while we were walking TOGETHER out of the grocery store, a black guy approached her and was pretty forward. I've heard from other girls whom I had approached directly that nobody had ever approached her like that. I'm even talking about something as short and simple as David De Angelos cocky/funny lines, or Mystery's stuff.Men and women open conversations with her (not sure whether that counts). Usually too verbose, as if they were written as opposed to said to a girl (which makes it harder to sound uncanned).

However it's a little jarring because it's so different from most PUA stuff.

I think it must work for him though, because he is older and also because he is so congruent.

For example, if Mystery or Jason Capital used some of these lines (Gilad would probably hate to hear them called lines), they would fall flat.

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