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Life changes: De Angelo reiterates that the purpose of his programs is to effect a complete personality and lifestyle change among men that will help them achieve romantic success.He, and many of his followers, state that they disapprove of men who utilize his teachings for physical pleasure only.While some define the term as being happy with one's life and circumstances, De Angelo uses it more often to describe those who may not be completely happy with their lives but are not rattled by unfortunate events and women's "tests".

The Perks of Dating a Single Woman Looks Aren't Everything...Emulate the Successful: De Angelo encourages the following and emulation of those successful with women.Interviews with those very successful (who have usually changed their dating lifes completely) are available for purchase.Counterintuitive behavior: De Angelo's description of some of his techniques to attract women, as they are the opposite of what most people think is attractive.Examples of such behavior include teasing a woman offhandedly and refusing to compliment her appearance.

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He claims that communicating higher status to a woman creates attraction.

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