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“After going through your Clearing the Path fear transformation process with the workbook and the CDs, I am FINALLY able to face my fears fully and conquer them so I am fear free!

I no longer feel afraid, as this program has become a part of my every thought that automatically conquers my fears.

I recommend this program to everyone, even those who do not think they have fears! ” —Heather Harrington, President, Vitalan, Inc, Chicago, IL“Kim Castle has created a masterful five-step process to release fear by instantly pulling out the ‘weeds’ of subconscious beliefs that choke us back.

While the CD works powerfully on the subconscious, the workbook guides the conscious mind to work with the subconscious in a healing adventure that amounts to a year of psychotherapy.

We now recommend Clearing the Pathto all our clients.” —Joyce Welsh, Do-It-Yourself Healing“Kim helped me to totally get rid of the fears I had which were holding me back. Over the course of my professional career of 20 years I have attended many seminars and workshops.

We got more clarity of our business future working with you and we’re only half way through Power Path. ” —Steve & Celia Kirshenbaum, Beyond Tutoring, Parkland, FL“I’ve gotten so much out of the Power Path processes.

Kim nailed my fears and showed me a clear way to remove them and Unleash the Psychic In You was written and produced easily in just six weeks!

Thanks to Kim’s uncanny ability to expose the invisible, I’m changing lives and growing my business beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about.”—Joanna Garzilli , Americas Intuition As we were launching our Do-It-Yourself Healing website, we made our first big investment by taking a Brand U course.

Kim showed me how the fears I had were getting in my way without me even realizing it.

Clearing the Path showed me how to identify andremove each invisible block then turn them around to actually work for me.

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” With Kim’s loving guidance through her fear transformation process, I can honestly say those fears are completely gone forever and can whip out the process anytime a new one pops up.

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