Dating your preacher

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Dating your preacher

He helped Jesse in his fight with Donnie Schenck and his men.

The two were sent to jail, where they briefly argued about their religious views.

We’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue.

Please remember we do not permit backpacks or large bags and you will be screened upon arrival.

He coaxed a cow to come closer to him and proceeded to feed off of it, regenerating him.

Cassidy appeared later that night at a bar and sit downs next to Jesse Custer, with whom he tried to make conversation, but the preacher couldn't understand him.

Cassidy quickly realized the Fiore's arm was still on the chainsaw, which was approaching Jesse. Cassidy cleaned up the blood and placed De Blanc and Fiore into a box.

Along the way, they stopped at New Orleans, where Cassidy learned his son, Denis is dying.

After deliberation, Cassidy ultimately turned his son into a vampire.

He used the planes bathroom and found a bible that had been heavily deciphered, and then he realized that those men were intended to kill him.

He exited the bathroom and noticed the plane was heading towards the sunlight and the other men grew quiet.

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That Sunday, Cassidy attended Jesse Custer's sermon.