Dating with tieria erde 2f

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Dating with tieria erde 2f

Rebound relationships are believed to be short-lived due to one partner's emotional instability and desire to distract themselves from a painful break up.

Those emerging from serious relationships are often advised to avoid serious dating until their tumultuous emotions have calmed.

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When the break up occurs, men tend to find a distraction to break away from the emotional stress.

Since one of the roles of a woman is to be responsible for taking care of the family, they are preconceived to handle a relationship's emotional strain.

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With that said, when a woman enters into a rebound relationship, for the most part it is for the purpose of emotional support just like the men, however it is believed to happen less because women have more of a support system than men.

The term's use dates back to at least the 1830s, when Mary Russell Mitford wrote of "nothing so easy as catching a heart on the rebound".

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The rebound relationship for men offers a distraction from their feelings and emotional attachment to their ex-spouse.

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