Dating with ms

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Dating with ms

I then registered with Guardian Soulmates, and struck up good conversations with several young women.

This surprised me, as I had been very open about being a wheelchair-using MSer - but apparently people are not half as afraid of the MS as I had thought!

2010 saw me turn 40, my marriage end in divorce and giving up working.

My life is very different to what it used to be and there's no escaping the fact I have MS.

With the growth of the internet and the online community, there are online personal ads (such as Love City or Ad-Mart [Ad-Mart no longer has personal ads]). As I mentioned, Twitter is a great way to meet other people online. I went for a paid subscription as I wanted to be taken seriously. I liked their approach as it forced me, for once in my life, to stop and think about what I wanted in a relationship.

The big question was whether to mention MS in the personal information.

I have no confidence in 'disability dating' websites.

Host Sebastian offers some practical advice, explaining that MS is not something that you should be ashamed of or have to withhold from potential partners.

She has her own issues of course but that's a relief as we can work together and start our journey knowing neither of us is perfect. I got a response from Glyn: "I had been single for a year, and thought a dating website could be worth a try.

I firstly registered on a couple of 'disability dating' sites, but got nothing.

I decided the latter would be my approach but did say I am in a wheelchair, and included an arty picture of it.

After all, I have other qualities that I'm sure will appeal to other people - I am me, not a consequence of MS of course.

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I'm always cautious, trust my gut reactions and take the time to get to know someone through the website, then by exchanging emails, before arranging to meet.