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Dating with a purpose theology of the body

Usually this means discerning between married life or a priestly or religious vocation, but it can be applied to majors, careers, relationships, and all major life decisions.

Additionally, we must understand that God gives us the freedom to choose, even in big choices.Sexual relations are reserved to those united in the sacrament of marriage (or Holy Matrimony); but even married persons are called to chastity and purity, which means that even within marriage, sexual acts must reflect the dignity of each person and the unitive and procreative purposes of marriage.The fruit of married love is new life, and so marriage, and every sexual union within marriage, should always be open to children.This is one of the reasons why the Catholic Church cannot endorse so-called same-sex marriage, and also A future healthy marriage starts with a strong prayer life, personal virtue (freedom in Christ!), healthy dating, and a willingness to discern [link to vocational discernment page].

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The Catholic Church promotes modesty in dress, words, and actions; popes have even written about it in encyclicals and during times that dress was starting to change in our society.