Dating vj

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Dating vj

Reports also say that Karan gifted a puppy to Anusha and the couple have named it Monster.Recently Karan Kundra also tweeted some intimate pictures with his lady love which were immediately shared on his fanpage .His style quotient is greatly admired by the youth and it has indefinitely become a part of the current fad.Most of his fans, especially the youngsters are drawn by his personality and wish to know more about his habits.The hot and blazing VJ Purab Kohli hails from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. He is inventive and loves exploring in different fields and hence has exhibited versatility in different professions as a model, VJ and actor.Interestingly, he has acquired recognition in all and has emerged successful and popular.

Purab Kohli father is Harsh Kohli, who owns and manages a hotel. He is the nephew of a well-known and influential Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur.

Purab Kohli commenced in the glamor world by modeling and then performed as a VJ. He started his career in television with the famous TV show Hip Hip Hurray and then he continued as a VJ for 8 long years.

He had hosted many travel shows and even interviewed eminent and venerated Bollywood personalities.

New Delhi: Popular TV actor Karan Kundra is dating VJ Anusha Dandekar.

If reports are to be believed the duo are spotted partying recently in Delhi along with their friends.

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Actor Purab Kohli personal life reveals about his film career and profession. He has gained prominence in films after his performance in My Brother… His role in the phenomenal musical movie Rock On had captivated billions of people nationwide and won him accolades and appreciation.