Dating violence prevention video

Posted by / 16-Aug-2020 08:01

All of our performances and programs are created to prevent bullying, cyber bullying, teen dating violence, adult dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.

These performances take place in a multitude of venues such as schools, colleges, outreach and community centers, military facilities and churches.

It also introduces students to the use of electronic communication and the growing prevalence of cyberbullying.

In order to make any kind of impact with school aged kids and teens about important social issues, you need to hit them where they live. Many victims and perpetrators seek guidance and help after viewing one or more of our programs. Audience Age: Grades 1-5 Audience Size: Max 300 All Starz is a fun, highly interactive show that gets kids talking about bullying.Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using all types of electronic technology.Cyberbullying can include mean text messages or emails, vicious rumors sent by text, email or posted on social media and social networking sites.“The Yellow Dress” play was the foundation for Deana’s Educational Theater Company.Born from the tragedy of losing their daughter, the Brisbois family commissioned Deborah Lake Fortson to write and Sydney Hayes Patten to produce a play based on young women’s stories of dating violence.

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Deana's Educational Theater Company is a nonprofit organization that offers interactive performance-based presentations covering current issues of dating violence, bullying, cyber bullying, sexual coercion, harassment and respect.