Dating us playing cards

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Dating us playing cards

Italian cards were originally made with the back folded over and stuck down to form a border on the face of the card to protect its edges (cards were always made by pasting several layers of paper together, and tended to fall apart with use).This practice was also taken up by Spanish-suited cards; it persisted longer in some parts of Italy than in others.The CPCC offers a service to its members by purchasing decks not easily available, and placing them on sale at reasonable prices.In addition, there are card auctions offering historical and unusual decks (as well as individual cards for those who collect specific subjects); once it is known you are a collector, the dealers will either send you auction catalogs or send you an order form to purchase them.The Paris pattern, used throughout france, became double-headed in 1827, and by 1830 double-headed cards were more common than single-ended ones in most European countries.Britain and the USA lagged behind other Western countries in this matter: double-headed cards first appeared in England soon after 1850, and became established only in the 1860s; in the United States the earliest example is from 1861, but the form took root only in the 1870s.Apart from the early non-standard engraved cards which were black and white and had illustrations on each card, most playing-cards until the mid 19th century were made from wood-blocks and were hand-coloured by stencil.Some countries, however, continued to use this printing method until the 20th century.

the English maker Hall was active between 18; thereafter the cards were stamped "Hall & Son".These days there is always e Bay with its attendant pros and cons which apply to any online auction.Here is a short list of dealers to get you started.Publisher and distributor of modern packs from US Playing Cards Co., Theory 11, etc.They collaborate with award-winning designers and brands to create original products.

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Nearly all the suitmarks of traditional Swiss and German packs appear individually before 1450 and in complete systems perhaps by 1475.

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