Dating tips after first date

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So say "thanks" instead of "thank you" to be less formal and never reference your night as a "date" – guys run a mile from the D-word.Since he could interpret your thanks as you just being polite, reference something memorable that you liked about the night, like a funny story he shared.When you start dating someone and haven't established exclusivity, says Santos, it's always important to measure signs that the other person is as on-board as you are.This could mean making regular conversation or establishing dates at a consistent frequency.The alternative: "If I'm not interested after the date, I'll head straight home and begin my process of fading out of this girl's life (following up is not part of that process)." Of course, not hearing back right away isn't a definite rejection, but the excitement of a speedy follow-up message speaks for itself.When you don't get that speedy affirmation text, or a greeting within a few days, it can mean a number of things.

So provided your date's not running out with an "emergency text from a roommate" after twenty minutes, it's an easy first sign that things are going well.It'll clue him in that you were loving more than the beef carpaccio.----------------The Date: He takes you to a football game Text This: Had a blast at the game.Between attending holiday parties every weekend and hitting up packed happy hours after work, this time of year is huge for meeting hot new guys.And, naturally, you're going to end up going on a bunch of first dates as a result.

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And, since your date was light and fun, keep the tone of your message along those lines.