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Dating stanley block planes

7,565, dated March 20, 187 7 A narrow mortise is made in the stock under the plane-iron D, in the middle of its width, and upon the bottom of said mortise I secure the base E of the adjusting device to the stock.This base has two standards or projections, d e, in the former of which is the fulcrum for the main lever F, and in the latter is one fulcrum of the angle-lever G.

The center of the recessed neck is 7/16 in above the bottom. Z - Front knob is Rosewood 1-1/4 in high and 1-1/8 Dia. The distinguishing characteristics of all Type 5 planes are the raised platform with a bell shaped front edge at the rear of the plane bed, a squat fat fruitwood front knob and smooth lever cap with a 6 point star Y - A slightly raised platform with a bell shaped front edge is added to the rear of the plane W - Fruitwood knob now has a squat appearance.The shoe buckle cap in the first design was very prone to damages, and abandoned early, but the smooth caps are also easily damaged. (think a star like on the US flag) That was as a nod to the country 100 anniversary.Front knob receiver boss is raised about 1/2 in from the bottom of the casting Early style front knob is Applewood and slip inside a cast socket.It shows the characteristics of the first models but the actual patent is for the cutter adjustment that was never used on a production plane.The distinguishing characteristics of Type 1 planes are the boat shaped body and the shoe buckle lever cap B - The distinguishing feature of Type 2 A is the cross rib support, identical to the one used on type 1.

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