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Here's what your "old friends" won't tell you after drug rehab.You Shouldn't Hang Around With Us It would be a cold day in sunny Florida or some other hot place that would have to freeze over before your former drinking and drug-using buddies would be honest with you and tell you that it's not a good idea for you to hang around with them.Why I countless times chose to validate those late-night texts or allowed this person to disappear for weeks before turning up with the casual ”oh hiya you- let’s hang out soon.” Likely, it has something to do with accepting the agonizing conclusion that this person just didn’t find me as alluring as I’d (so obviously) tried to be.But what I’ve also noticed as a pattern in my life, is the people I truly find myself “idealizing” are 100% not permanent figures. Yet it so often happens that the people who bring out all those insatiable little insecurities in me are often the ones I find beating myself up over trying to gain their validation. It’s like I’m having a bad day, but instead of dealing with the emotions of whatever is internally going on, I give the power to external ways of making it feel better.and as I grow stronger, I understand that I’m worth more than a “Netflix Sesh.” …Sorry Buddha.I climbed a 14er in Colorado by myself…And you just ain’t dat cool.

They’re honest, blunt, and my mother will likely hate reading this, but recovery is owning your truths and then learning from them. And there’s a reason for it which I ignorantly ignored. But, little did I understand the night this person and I sat on a porch swing – our legs brushing against each other- how much I still had left to do in recovery…

In the end, it was painful and I made promises I didn’t keep. In the end, I was just starting over and I had to let him go. We’re questioning what makes us whole- we’re clean slates- so we get a “Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free” card on this one. Likely, you will date someone wrong for you in recovery, and at one point or another you will find yourself being pathetic over it. We come out baby-skinned and vulnerable to the light around us.

3.) You Will Question Your Fundamentals Seriously- Don’t worry about this one. We emerge knowing we have a chance to make it all different- but in having that opportunity, we often forget that just like newborns we’re learning how to crawl again.

I often don’t find myself pining over someone unless there’s an end date already given to me. this person was leaving for a tour.) I tend to “fall” for people who I find unreachable, or worse “exotic.” People who live on different continents for example, or people that were raised by-say- Buddhist monks. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t feel good when Manbunn-ed Enigma texted me to tell me they’d been ”thinking of me.” Yeah, you’re thinking of me, I’d smirk – texting back something seemingly “aloof” (subtext: desperate)- but really I was just relieved to have an external validation to whatever insecurity I was feeling before that.

People who I’ve deemed more interesting than I could dream of being, and have lived the road “less traveled” even if they haven’t (which is typically irrelevant to me once I’ve decided they have.) Why is this- I don’t know. We are so often tantalized by the things that are self-destructive because these exact people are the ones who subsequently bring out my deepest insecurities of not being ”interesting enough.” The truth is I know when someone is into me. Overtime, I allowed this person to make me feel less than desired when he disappeared for weeks, but I didn’t say a word.

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I crave the heart-pattering, smile-inducing, neuro-transmitting 2am talks. because if so, well, then they know and they’re just not saying. After having my bikini body blasted all over the internet (to both positive and negativity), there’s definitely more vulnerable things I’ve done than face a potential mate with this reality.