Dating site only attractive people allowed

Posted by / 28-Apr-2020 22:56

I wonder why you would want to join a dating site like this? Lol ewww I was shocked to see some fat dude in 50s lol. First of all there are plenty of beautiful people on good dating sites like Mingle2day, for example. If you get voted "in," you'll see a lot of profiles with photos, but very few with any description of who the person is (interests, background, etc.).Most people, like me, joined just out of curiosity to see if they'll get voted in.

Tip for consumers: Don't pay for the premium service. Lol No only certain sections are free for instance you have to pay 25$ a month to message people.

Even though , if you notify the site, they do absolutely nothing about it. I like Beautiful People its simple to use and its good fun.

You can rely on it..has good customer service and a good reputation...

Using it along with We Just Fit to try to boost my date rate and its working so far, definitely getting more arranged (or at least more opportunities) since trying the 2 together.

Would probably give Beautiful People a B- I am a guy, and I was a member on this site for a year.

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