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He said the service tech never touched the sensor and in order to fix it he would have to tear apart the whole console to get to it and besides that the brakes were old, worn out and the “bladder” over time would go bad. I was thinking this was Firestone “Complete Auto Care”……………………

When my husband took the car to Firestone for the appointment they said they couldn’t fix it because he didn’t have the paperwork.

The guy that work on my car broke it while he was putting it in. Reply Sirs I went to the Firestone Complete Auto Care shop at 731 E. Phoenix, AZ 85024, to get a fluid brakes bleed on my 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. said they can’t just bleed the brakes, They would have to do a complete brakes system flush, .95. I said OK just do the brakes, I walked home, I live a few blocks away. When I placed my foot on the brake pedal, it nearly went to the floor.

Whin I found it I went back to kia to see what one would told me it was .00 dollars. He told me to get the to order me one through Advance auto. Whin Iwent to get them to put it in the manager told me I would have to put it in myself. And he told me their was not much he could do about it. “What the heck just happened” I thought, how could they expect me to drive home with the brakes in this condition? I went directly back into the shop and explained to the gentleman, what I had just experienced.

Answer 1: The phone number for Firestone is (615) 937-1000. I had a nail in a tire and proceded to buy two tires……left a spare and two other tires -one was quoted, and thought had more time and so denied that 3rd tire. I did very little driving-went to church next day which was yesterday.

This Monday morning went to work out and thought, wow-I need to get back to firestone to get the tires balanced……;little did I know while parked in a shopping center, when I got back in my car—the quoted tire was flat and a nail was in that one.

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Tim Sanders, the store manager made sure it was replaced due to the alternator being the issue in the first place.