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Posted by / 05-Nov-2019 11:29

My order was immediately confirmed with an email response from PES*NEWTRENDHOUSE as well as an email from Rocknice.The payment was taken from my visa account on March 23, 2018. The email confirmation from Rocknice included an address to respond to Rocknice.

I wish there was a way to contact ANYBODY from either Rocknice or PES*NEWTRENDHOUSE.

They tell you that you can return but can't plus they charge your credit card immediately way before you get anything..

Paid the above have not received my order and they are not responding to my emails.

I ordered a pair of golden Converse shoes and received a cheap pair of no name black shoes (wotht leas than a euro).

When I requested a refund, they would not do it, because they sent me shoes, although not the ones I ordered, but they still were "valuable".

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The website has no address or contact details other than a form for submitting inquiries.