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In addition to my mother keeping roomers, she also boarded people in a large dining room which has since been shortened and remodeled in which there was a long table with chairs which would seat perhaps 8, 10, or 12 people.

He was a surveyor with the Railroad Engineers being rodman, when the railroad was build he became a clerk in the freight department in the depot and worked there a few years until the Brotherhood of Clerks came out on a strike in either 1922 or 1932.

There were very few restaurants and places to eat in Elkhorn City at that time, The only one I can recall is Bill and Joe"s restaurant on the ground floor of the old café building just across the depot and later on Cataldo Marinaro's, a man of Italian decent, put in a restaurant in a red tin colored building right there where the block building which he put to replace the one that was burned down.

The people around this community could not call or pronouce his name of Cataldo Marinaro and called him Kelly Marino.

She ordered lumber which was hauled in by the railroad. When the house was far enough under construction she kept boarders and roomers. On the adjoining lot, she and my grandfather, George Washington Mullins, whose home was where the White Star restaurant now stands, operated a livery stable.

My grandfather took care of the livery stable and was a horse and cattle trader.

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