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Dating ru mailing list donotreply dating ru

If you missed paying the equipment deposit when you registered, the deposit can be paid by calling the office (416-781-4263) or when you arrive by Visa, Mastercard, Cash or Cheque.Unless you are registered for a program that has a fixed playing venue, your team will play in a few different locations over the course of a season.If you are a team captain, please log onto your profile and send out invitations for teammates to accept and become a member of your team.If you have previously played with them before, you can simply click them over from a previous team.For our complete refund policy, you can read more here.

Your profile will remain as such until Sport and Social Club posts your schedule.The reason we lay out such a broad playing area is that venues can change from one season to the next, as well as the fact that sometimes venues are not confirmed until after our registration deadlines.Click here if you want to see a Google map of our general playing area.Therefore, it may take longer for us to return phone calls and emails. system has a desktop version and a mobile site version that works well with Iphones, Android, Windows Mobile and newer Blackberries. While the Sport and Social Club website has been tested in a variety of web broswers (Firefox, Chrome, and Safari), we are in no way responsible for problems that occur in beta versions of new browsers or out of date versions of any browser. This can be done on the website or over the phone with an Sport and Social Club Admin Team staff.We appreciate your patience and will respond to messages as quickly as scheduling allows. - Accepting an invitation from a team captain to join a team.

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Once registration has closed, Sport and Social Club will take the individual registrants and place them on a team together, honouring co-player requests (assuming there are enough registrants to assemble a team).

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