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Dating rotograph postcards

Over time, the postcard gradually declined in use, because of higher costs, fewer deliveries and, it must be said, improved working conditions for the severely overworked postal carriers and their horses.

But it would be many more decades before the telephone became accessible to the masses and people could easily speak to one another at a distance.

Every popular actress came to have a postcard contract as part of her drive towards becoming better known and as an element of her income.

And if you did not like any of the images on offer you could even commission a “selfie” from your local photographer or produce your own.

(Amateur) Photography as a hobby was nothing for the common man due to the costs involved.

Anyway, more and more people had their own camera(s), some even with own darkroom equipment and by the late 1890’s you see more and more postcards made by amateur photographers.

Despite the decline in popularity of postcards today, they continue to be a significant part of British seaside tourism.

Most internet users have at least five social media accounts – with the number of users tapping into social networks worldwide increasing by 176m in the last year alone.

Rather than souvenirs sent home from holidays or bought in art galleries, these Edwardian postcards were used anytime, anywhere – as a way for people to keep in near-constant touch.

Offering a vast choice of images, from cute cats, clergymen and sports stars to buildings and landscapes, they were more versatile than today’s postcards, and similar in many ways to platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.

With social networking apps, such as Whats App, Instagram and Snapchat rapidly increasing in popularity, it can be hard to remember a time when these platforms weren’t a part of everyday life.

And although Instagram didn’t actually get going until 2010, people have been sharing photos and images of themselves for a long time – especially since the birth of the camera phone.

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People loved postcards because they could keep the messages short and send them whenever they wanted.