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Dating relationships and friendships are the

The reason why I said that, was because I disliked my provider.

At that time, I thought that all providers were all the same.

Our mission is directly tied to fulfilling personal outcomes by defining, measuring and improving personally defined quality of life.

Entering into a relationship is a big step for anyone.

The goal is always to find a way to support the person to make decisions vs. One of the most important issues is helping people to not be so lonely.

I believe that people need and desire to have friends, or at least one friend. When you go to school, you are often taught to have friends.

So far in 2015-2016, it looks like adults living in their own home or apartment are more likely to experience intimacy than those living with family or in a provider-owned home or apartment. Below you will find specific steps to take, some great perspective about the importance of relationships and how a provider in Australia is helping people in achieving outcomes involving friendships, relationships and intimacy.

People who receive human services and supports are at the heart of every training, consultation and accreditation that CQL engages in.

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Intimacy is about sharing yourself with someone who loves you for who you are, and you love him or her for who they are.

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