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Captain Price's Company was one of the first Military forces that came to aid General Washington's overwhelmed army in Boston, July-August, 1775.

The 2nd Maryland Regiment origins were authorized on 14 January 1776 in the Maryland State Troops as seven independent companies.

Barry's signature is on the folded file side of the document, "JOHN BARRY ESQ." John Barry (March 25, 1745 - September 13, 1803) was an officer in the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War and later in the United States Navy. warship commissioned for service under the Continental flag. Thomas Fitzsimmons, when Pennsylvania began mobilizing and organizing a milita to fight the British, Fitzsimmons was soon involved.

He came to be widely credited as "The Father of the American Navy" (and shares that moniker with John Paul Jones and John Adams) and was appointed a captain in the Continental Navy on December 7, 1775. He served as captain of a company of home guargd, which he raised, under the command of Colonel John Cadwallader.

Yet on other occasions, Otis exceeded Adams in rousing passions and exhorting people to action.

Otis even called his compatriots to arms at a town meeting on September 12, 1768, according to some accounts.

JOHN ADAMS promoted Otis as a major player in the coming of the Revolution.

[Col.] Jonathan Fitch, born April 12, 1727, was graduated from Yale in 1748; died September 12, 1793, leaving defendants. He was High Sheriff and Naval Officer at New Haven and Colonel of the 2nd Conn. In May 1775, he was appointed a State Commissary by the Connecticut General Assembly, and duties of this office appear to have engaged his attention most of the time during the war.

He was purchaser of goods and stores of all kinds both for State and Continental troops." His docket on verso, TWO Revolutionary War Colonels......................................., ALS by Fitzsimmons to John Barry, September 8th, 1798, two 8" X 9" pages in ink, Fitzsimmons writes Barry a request for his help in assisting a friend. naval officer, at the rank of commodore, receiving his commission from President George Washington in 1797.

His catchphrase "Taxation without representation is tyranny" became the basic Patriot position, James Otis considered himself a loyal British subject.

Yet in February 1761, he argued against the Writs o Assistance in a nearly five-hour oration before a select audience in the State House.

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Otis was the first leader of the period to develop distinctive American theories of constitutionalism and representation, but he relied on traditional views of Parliamentary authority.

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