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From this evidence, Wilson showed that the Atlantic Ocean had opened, closed and re-opened again, taking parts of its neighboring landmasses with it.And there it was: proof our planet's continents were not stationary.

Together, they're called the lithosphere and make up the "plates" in plate tectonics.

Ornedo Jr., Guest writer, In5BALANCE is an evolutionary story of dark and light, positive and negative attractors of energies to create an electromagnetic force in the universe to hold each and every creation into ONE.

Tuzo Wilson published Did the Atlantic Close and then Re-Open? The Canadian author introduced to the mainstream the idea that continents and oceans are in continuous motion over our planet's surface.

The oceans' opening and closing process – called the Wilson cycle – explains how the Earth's surface evolves.

A continent breaks up due changes in the way molten rock in the Earth's interior is flowing.

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