Dating old soda bottle

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Dating old soda bottle

And If you live in a pre 1870 house in Baltimore City or any of the surrounding counties and would like to have any Privies, Wells, and Cisterns on your property located and excavated just e-mail me.Also check out my ever changing list of bottles for direct sale you may find the piece that you are looking for.I have dug over 1500 privies from Alexandria Virginia to New York and most major cities and towns in between.And I will try to offer help to other collectors by answering questions about bottle digging.There are two styles of the Hutchinson Coke bottle: After 1900, the company used a straight-sided bottle with crown tops.Crown top refers to the type of bottle that has a lip. This style of bottle protected the carbonation and flavoring of the Coke much better than the old Hutchinson bottles.I also have an interest in early ceramics primarily redware and stoneware produced in Baltimore.

Each design is unique and collectible; however, some of the bottles are rarer, and therefore, more valuable than others.

These bottles were in common use for many types of soda and spring water from about 1880 to 1910.

Coke was not the only company that used this type of bottle.

And have been a hard core privy digger for the past 8 years.

I dig at least one day every week and often more then once depending on availability of a good site and free time.

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I am also putting together a guide to early ceramics commonly found during privy digs.

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