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Dating narcissistic men

“They strongly believe they’re right and that they’re teaching you something.They can’t understand another person’s perspective.” This inability to engage with rational debate comes off as arrogance.But as soon as something bad happens and it’s not even your fault or they feel embarrassed or something, it’s very possible they’ll just discard you,” Kouffman Sherman says.“Not only are they not supporting you emotionally through it, but they won’t want anything to do with it because they think it looks bad for them.” They're more invested in looking good — whether in their career, social life, or love life — than in a relationship with any individual person.“If you’re crying or are upset, they get bored very easily and can’t really understand what you’re going through, mostly because it’s not that interesting to them,” Kouffman Sherman says.Thoughts or feelings that aren't directly related to a narcissist's own won't hold their attention.

And, well, you’re right.“Simply put, narcissists are vain.

If you want me to continue paying attention to you, you need to pay attention to me, too.’ It’s like talking to a little kid.”Dating a narcissist involves a lot of ego-stroking, but Kouffman Sherman says to only do so during times when you think they’re actually deserving of it.

They’ll want you to compliment them on anything and everything, but don’t give in if you don’t agree with them or don’t think they’re doing the right thing.

"It makes the person who’s dating them caught in a cycle of feeling like there’s something wrong with them.

And if there’s something wrong with leave them, "they get enraged — they can’t tolerate that you see them in a negative light," Kane says.

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This kind of rhetoric alone isn't necessarily alarming; we all know how intoxicating the first stage of a relationship can be.

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