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Dating nail

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Inside was this hand and nail cream and also hand wash. The bag is super cute; nicely padded and small enough to carry your toiletries for weekend trip.

The smell lingers for whole day making me feel good. Buttermilk is also known to lighten skin and it also known to possess anti-ageing agent. The formula is gentle on hands, yet lathers well, and rinses clean.

Next on the product list is Buttermilk vanilla scented hand wash. Again it comes in a similar tube- bottle with screw cap. Age old remedy is dabbing buttermilk on face so that it absorbs oil on your face without drying it. it must be infused mainly because of anti-oxidant properties…

Wire nails are indeed the rule today, but not all wire nails are the same. Various nails are manufactured for specific purposes, with differently proportioned and shaped heads and shafts.

Nails are made of brass, aluminum, and copper, though most often of steel.

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The steel may be plain or galvanized, the latter being the right choice for damp applications where a rust-resistant nail is required.

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