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In fact, the meeting of those four emotional needs consistently seemed to define a romantic relationship.But if the needs of men and women are so different, why are couples who are not yet in love successful in meeting each others emotional needs while dating?While I was a college professor, I studied the psychology of romantic love.I was curious to know what it was, what created it, and what destroyed it.But I noticed something very peculiar about the couples ranking of these ten categories.Men tended to rank them one way, while women tended to rank them the opposite way.My next step was to determine which of these needs when fulfilled made them the happiest. So, I changed the question to ask, Rank the following ten ways that your spouse could make you happy with 1 being the most and 10 being the least.I also gave them an opportunity to add to the list anything else that their spouse could do for them.

By the time Norah and Jason (our couple from part 1 of this series) had first met, they had enough experience dating others to recognize what had to be done to be attractive to each other.For men, the top five categories tended to be 1) sexual fulfillment, 2) recreational companionship, 3) physical attractiveness, 4) admiration, and 5) domestic support.But women tended to rank them 1) affection, 2) intimate conversation, 3) honesty and openness, 4) financial support, and 5) family commitment.One of the most important questions I asked was, what was it that caused you to fall in love?Very few were confident in how to answer that question.

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What makes the largest Love Bank deposits in women tends not to be what makes the largest deposits in men and vice versa.

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