Dating m1 garand stocks

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Dating m1 garand stocks

Cei-Rigotti One of the earliest semiauto rifles developed was the brainchild of an Italian Bersaglieri (light infantry) Major named Amerigo Cei-Rigotti.

The rifle that came to be known simply by his name is also one of the more ergonomically practical of the early self-loaders – it is short, light, and comfortable to handle.

The Model 8 came on the market in 1906, and built itself a reputation as a reliable, durable, and somewhat awkward hunter’s weapon.

It was available in four calibers; .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington, and all of these were respectably powerful rounds, pushing bullets at around 2100 fps and generating up to 2100 ftlb of energy.

The Meunier A6 was actually put into production in 1913, but the impending war led to its abandonment in the name of logistics.

RSC Model 1917/1918 Despite the formal French self-loading rifle trials being dropped as WWI approached, interest in repeating rifles persisted.

The Winchester self-loaders were relatively inexpensive, and effective sporting arms.

The blowback mechanism was stretched to its practical limits in the .401 caliber 1910 model, and the rifle could never have been adapted to the military .30-06 cartridge, thus preventing any chance at a military model.

The distinctive tube on the right side of the weapon is actually just a charging handle and recoil spring guide.

The Cei Rigotti was tested by number of European military forces, and adopted by none.

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The single-stack magazine also was less than ideal for military use – the extended magazines made for police use were much too long to be acceptable to a military.