Dating issues that concern you

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Dating issues that concern you

The point is that this is a fairly common problem, which means that most people will brush up against this in the…

Your parents taught you not to call people names, like “jerk.” But let’s be honest, some people have earned this label for good reason. Picture this: there’s a full moon on a dark night, you arrive at the scheduled meeting place with little more than a picture and a few pertinent facts about the person you’re meeting.

Just because someone missed your phone call doesn’t mean he or she is sneaking around.

Maybe the woman’s apparel you found was his sister's, or even worse, maybe it was a gift he was planning on wrapping up for you.

Your girlfriend/boyfriend can still respect your privacy while still having access to your phone.

The real question is what exactly you feel the need to keep private.

While privacy is an essential, it is mandatory in any relationship.

The hurt we face and the issues into which we run without allowing for time to heal can spill into subsequent relationships.

Your phone does not have to be protected like Camp David in order to protect your privacy.

Unless you are a double agent or government operative, giving your partner your password shouldn’t be difficult.

If you’ve had bad luck in relationships, you might feel like a jerk magnet. When you enter, you scan, looking for signs of recognition, looking for someone who is also looking…

Alarm bells have finally begun to ring over widespread and dangerous opioid drug use across the United States — including prescription pain medication and heroin.

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