Dating inter love

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Dating inter love

Item #: SCP-2095 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: Reliquary Site-26 was constructed around SCP-2095, preventing access and enclosing it from view.

I have seen the infinite dead worlds, murdered death herself. Addendum: On 05/24/2014, an earthquake occurred in the Aegean Sea.

A hitherto unknown sphincter, sealed and hidden through calcification, had ruptured open within the altar chamber.

Exploration of the chamber led to the discovery of the body of a human male.

The base of the altar has been carved into an Ouroboros, believed to be a symbol of religious importance to the creators of SCP-2095.

Twenty-nine scrolls were discovered within the northern most chamber of SCP-2095.

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Individual has shown no signs of decay and although lacking a detectable heartbeat, EEG scans have revealed low-level brain activity.