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They are most common in the northern South Texas Plains and in the southern Edwards Plateau, where they co-occur with Pedernales dart points. Matamoros dart points are relatively small and thought to date to the Late Archaic.

They share characterstics with the Tortugas and Early Triangular dart points. The biface is triangular, with a slightly concave base.

C.) The typology, naming, and dating of the style is debated. These large triangular thin bifaces were probably used as knives or early-stage dart points.

Classic Early Triangular points are very well made, with well-thinned bases and some parallel flaking (above specimen on right). Such large complete specimens are rare, probably because most would have been resharpened and reused repeatedly.

Hester 1966 Preliminary Archeolgical Investigations in Dimmit County, Texas.

These exposures are often widely scattered, especially within the Uvalde and Rio Grande Gravels. Earlier Triangular dart points occur during Early Archaic times in South Texas, the earliest of the triangular projectile points in the region (roughly 4,000-5,000 B.

Collectively the three styles represent a continnum within the unstemmed point tradition of the region. Hafted triangular knife from the Cueva de la Candelaria burial cave in southwestern Coahuila. It is set into a slight notch and then cemented in place with pitch.

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