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The members of the community who had gathered were by no means a lynch mob, but they were there to express their displeasure with the current image of the event.But here was amiable Van As welcoming them for coming and telling them he was going to hold every one of them accountable to work voluntarily for the next event.If the Pride event doesn’t have a collective vision and mission, if it is about nothing more than a Mardi Gras style celebratory parade, then it might as well be handed over to an events organisation.

At a meeting on 12 April convened by Ikasi Pride, members of a divided gay and lesbian community discussed the future of gay pride in the city, its steady depoliticisation, its lack of community outreach and its image problem.He also told the community that the constitution for Pride was being rewritten by “lawyers at UCT”.The point was quickly made from the floor that transparency and accountability to the community were missing from Pride, and that volunteer apathy was because people didn’t feel that had a stake in, never mind ownership, of the event, and that the event had an exclusionary white, male image.In Pride’s defence, Van As said, “The City of Cape Town itself has been our biggest obstacle this year”.According to him, the City changed the route at the last minute “due to another function”.

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I believe that peace and Well I would say I am basically looking for simplicity, it's not all about US... dont really know what to say here i am here to find the man of my life, i love to smile and i love to see people smile too, one of the greatest thing in life is happiness when you have that you feel on top of the world.

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