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Early to mid 19th Century, coastal tribes of northwest California had multiple contacts with Russian explorers due to Russian colonization of the Americas.

At that time period, Russian exploration of California and contacts with local population were usually associated with the activity of the Russian-American Company.

Their introduction of European invasive plant species and non-native diseases resulted in unintended havoc and high fatalities for the Native populations.

Looking for a potential site for a new outpost of the company in California in place of Fort Ross, Wrangell’s expedition encountered the Indians north of San Francisco Bay and visited their village.

In 1834 Mexico secularized the Church's missions and confiscated their properties.

But the new government did not return their lands to tribes but made land grants to settlers of at least partial European ancestry. Following the United States victory in the Mexican-American War, it took control of California in 1848 with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Prior to contact with Europeans, the California region contained the highest Native American population density north of what is now Mexico.

Due to the local abundance of food, tribes never developed agriculture or tilled the soil.

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and to a sociopolitical organization into small tribelets (usually 100 individuals or fewer) with a shared "ideology that defined language boundaries as unalterable natural features inherent in the land".

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