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Dating in baker city oregon

The environmental circumstances of the past lifeways are not the same as today.

No living culture can truly reflect the past, but they can be used as simplistic models for reconstructing long vanished lifeways.

Such site represent economic strategies that exploited (now-extinct) megafauna.

Traditional interpretation is towards an unbalanced economic strategy emphasizing fauna over flora.

The material remains of past patterned activities is the primary data used by archaeologists to reconstruct past human behavior and decisions.

The collective time period is from 4,000 - the BC/AD interface.This approximately corresponds to a climatic shift towards wetter and cooler conditions as well.Lakes and marshes in the dry areas of the state expanded. It is associated with the introduction of bow and arrow technology or with the development of land management techniques (economic) such as systematic burning, that do not involve direct manipulation of plants or animals.Any disturbance of the patterns reduces any site's archaeological value.Archaeological sites are non-renewable because the people who created them no are longer alive.

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The artifacts and features tell a story about the resources that were valued, methods of resource extraction (productive technology), methods of resource distribution, methods of resource storage (investment), and methods of resource consumption.