Dating dru cookware holland

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Dating dru cookware holland

There was just me, my modest budget, and my desire to make no-knead bread.

So when Macy's had one of their frequent sales on the Martha Stewart line of enameled cookware, I took the plunge and bought the robin's egg blue version.

But make no mistake, that crud is not something to be preserved.

Sure, you want to get rid of rust and crud, but what about a piece that has that nice shiny black patina?

Some thought I was drawing a comparison between this pot and the 5 version from Le Creuset and, not surprisingly, found the Martha Stewart version lacking.

Pieces that didn't get a lid such as the ball pitcher, 10 and 20 ounce jugs, carafe, and the creamer were glazed in a single color.

Sometimes, you'll encounter pieces for sale which the seller has already stripped and applied a coat of seasoning themselves.

Usually, it's been done in a hurry, using too much oil in one pass, with the result being a sticky mess.

The second line is Dutch Ovenware which came in at least four variations; turquoise with blue tulips, yellow with brown tulips, yellow with blue tulips, and pink with blue tulips.

Turquoise with blue tulips is by far the most common.

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Though it probably won't last a lifetime, I don't regret the purchase of this pot or the five years of great meals it has brought me.