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And the peculiar “time traveller” image was only noted as such in the end of March, when it was linked on main websites such as .

Given the source, we would assume the photo is authentic, and correctly dated to c.1940.

Indeed, an Error Level Analysis suggests the image was not digitally tampered with, or at least that if it was, the author was smart enough to normalize the error across the whole thing. And again, given the source, we would assume it was not a job. As members of the ATS, like “” (1944): The outfit could also be found 70 years ago.

That is: even taking this photo for granted, as depicting an authentic scene, a real man with his curious glasses and outfit in Canada 70 years ago, there’s nothing that can be seen that is actually out of place or time.

Or perhaps that’s a nice thing, since the future Titor invented was pretty gloom.

And some years ago, the photo of a man with a Mohawk hairstyle at a festival before the punk movement made the style popular was also reason for buzz. In any event, I also remember that people quickly pointed out that although the hairstyle was popularized by punks, it was not unseen before that, dating even from before the Mohawk tribe.

He looks different from other people, but it has already been suggested that he’s using welding goggles and a glove.

This is not much of a proof of time travel, and more like evidence of the cyclic nature of fashion.

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Despite being an awesome photo and story, the Canadian time traveller is not the first on the genre.

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