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Dating church member

Maybe we can phrase the question better this way: “Should I date someone who is not part of the church I attend?

” Proverbs tells us to be extremely careful about our affections: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (New International Version).

There are already tangible challenges in any relationship that are already in play from the outset—two unique individuals, two unique genders, two unique personality types, and two unique sets of family ways—all of which will take the course of a lifetime to meld into a bonded marital unit.It’s a genuine question, and it deserves a biblically based answer. Here we see in principle that God desires for men and women to develop relationships leading to marriage.As human beings we desire relationships with others. “Dating is not only designed to ultimately ‘find someone’ to marry, but to develop our social and interpersonal skills in relating with others.” We know that not all dating leads to marriage, nor should it, but oftentimes it does, and that is a good thing.“Solomon, king of Israel, sinned by marrying wives from other nations who over time led him into worshipping other gods in accordance with their idolatrous practices.Wise as he was, Solomon is cited as having been unable to withstand the enticing influence of wives whose religious practices and standards were different from his own.

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As you can readily see there are enough differences and challenges that will come that most people don’t think about as they stare at one another in starry-eyed wonderment across a table.

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