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Dating advice from the millionaire matchmaker

So proceed with caution – one good orgasm, and your bonds to any Joe Schmo are chemically reinforced.

The more sex you have, the stronger the bond.” This straightforward passage sets the tone for the 278-page paperback book.

Well, we may not be on BRAVO, but our services are similar in several ways…The clients we take on are not required to be millionaires, but we take great pride in accommodating our clients with the most upscale, elite services available.

We do this by offering not only matchmaking, but also a variety of other services such as a dating coach, being accompanied by a wingman or wingwoman, image consulting, and much more.

“As a matter of fact, I am absolutely certain that he is on his way.” She’d probably say the same thing about a woman for us guys.

At Luxe Matchmaking, we understand that our clients have individual and unique tastes.

She’s a third-generation matchmaker who has been in the business herself for 20 years. In the first chapter, Patti advises people to take a break from dating – a “dating detox” – to cast aside bad memories and recharge emotionally. “Now is the time to tackle your demons head-on and get over them,” Patti writes.

“Release your past and say, ‘Today’s the day I start with me! Sure, it feels good to be madly attracted to someone new, she says. “You desperately need some space to objectively evaluate his pros and cons and to recognize the danger signs,” Patti writes. Once you decide to proceed in the relationship, there comes a time for a reality check, she says.

Our database is composed of singles who are looking for love, but are not deterred from signing up because of membership fees or hassle.

This enables us to network and search through an extensive pool of potential matches to bring you closer to finding the one.

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Why should our clients be confined to only other registered members?