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catherine yronwode (as it turns out, the long answer was "Hohner Marine Band" too...) Just in case you didn't know what to do with your paycheck this week, I found this in the Antiques and Arts Weekly: (Auction at Christie's East New York Nov.

29 will feature a '49 Martin guitar once owned by Bob Dylan, est. This is the guitar he played in the coffee houses from Minnesota to New York City, from1959 to 1961, and at his first public appearance at Gerde's Folk City in Greenwich Village.) "Other Dylan rarities include the harmonica holder he used at his performances at Gerde's together with a Hohner Marine Band harmonica in the key of G (/10,000)." And you complain about the cost of those replacement reed plates !

Author: Amy Appleby Publisher: NY, AMSCO, 1992 ISBN: 0.8256.1341.8 Order No: AM 87516 Justin Mando ([email protected]) wrote: : I have a question. I have a theory: Just before he quit play the harp on a regular basis, reports of a back brace were circulating. Jim Re: Harmonicaless Bob From Steve Lescure he has said in interviews that he still doesn't feel that great after the illness, so I would guess no harmonica because it's to diffcult right now.

Here's the accompanying quote and notes to 'Baby I'm In The Mood For You'.

"Most of the time I would blow out of the harmonica because everybody sucks in.

However since the arrangement of notes is the same for all ten-hole diatonic harmonicas, you may use a harmonica in a key other than that indicated in the legend of a specific song.

Just be aware that you will have to figure out what key you are playing in and transpose the melody line and chords if you want to accompany yourself or play with other musicians." Each song is accompanied by a quote from Dylan, notes on guitar tunings and illuminating comments on harmonica parts, guitar and vocal oddities - very interesting.

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