Dating a giant

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This is also true of compatibility matching, once the science develops further, and of any video integration / other features proven to work elsewhere (Facebook has no compunction about If acquisition and retention are unlikely to derail Facebook Dating, then monetisation may at least pose a question.

Facebook has been free to use historically, and subscription features or ‘a la carte’ features (like Tinder Boost) would signal a departure from that model.

They've spawned one of the most popular memes in Japan right now under the hashtag #モルゲッソヨ, which translates to "I have no idea." Same.

reports that Haesinang Park, better known as "Penis Park" in nearby Sinnam is a monument to fertility, inspired by a legend about a virgin and fish.

One of the biggest hurdles for new apps in recent years has been achieving a critical mass of users: Tinder and other location-based apps have led singles to expect a pool of local people when they register, meaning any new ventures tend to launch over many months.Outside of China and a select few regimes, the social media giant has already built one platform up into a human universal.Launching another from an already-established global intercultural base makes Facebook Dating unique as an arrival in the sector.Advertising-only at a global scale poses some risks, particularly when consumer trust in Facebook ads is at rock making their way into commentary: the introduction runs counter (in spirit) to the various pledges Zuckerberg made to step back from our personal data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica furore.Making dating seem like a natural extension of the way people use the platform likely requires a bit more guile than simply repeating , especially when the first associations consumers have with Facebook are politics and memes.

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Facebook undoubtedly has the data to set up elaborate filters and preferences, but any stratification of its users would have to be commensurate with its .