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At the same time, some pilots who’ve been out of the cockpit for a while may use this opportunity to return to flying.

AOPA is expanding its Rusty Pilots program, which provides the information pilots need to catch up on changes that may have taken place since their last flight as pilot in command.

Completion of the three-hour seminar counts as the ground portion of the flight review, and some Rusty Pilots programs qualify for FAA Wings credit.

Search for an upcoming seminar on, or attend one at EAA Air Venture or at an AOPA Regional Fly-In. As far back as 1979, AOPA petitioned the FAA to extend the validity of the third class medical certificate from two years to three.

“It has taken years of commitment and hard work to make these reforms a reality.Pilots who follow the necessary steps can fly in aircraft weighing up to 6,000 lbs.gross takeoff weight, with up to six seats and carrying up to five passengers.More details about these requirements and answers to the most common questions about the reforms are available on AOPA's FAQ page."We have fought long and hard for medical reforms and thanks to the support of GA supporters in both the House and Senate, those reforms are now the law.

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Follow along the winding path that began with that petition and has now made medical reforms a reality.

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