Dark side of internet dating best dating web

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Dark side of internet dating

ANTHONY, a catering worker from Bridlington, East Yorks, was drugged and robbed by a girl he met on Plenty Of Fish.

I’ve had some really bad experiences, and one of the worst was with a man who appeared to be handsome, charming and kind. At first, I was taken aback by the fact that he looked quite a bit older than his profile picture, but he still seemed very charming.

MUM-OF-TWO Becky, a shop assistant from Bridlington, East Yorks, was stalked by a man she met on Badoo.

She says: When my relationship broke down three years ago, I decided to sign up to a few dating websites.

It was the strangest sensation — I didn’t feel drunk in the slightest yet I had lost control of my body.

I must have lost consciousness because the next thing I knew a stranger was helping me up.

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So I staggered outside but collapsed several more times.

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