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Niles, recognizing Fran's gift for bringing warmth back to the family, does his best to undermine Maxwell's business partner C. Babcock (Lauren Lane) who has her eyes on the very available Maxwell Sheffield.Niles is often seen making witty comments directed towards C. C often replying with a comment of her own in their ongoing game of one-upmanship.Gallery Fran Drescher THEN Drescher’s first big break was as an extra on “Saturday Night Fever.” But it wasn’t until she landed the role of Fran Fine in TV’s “The Nanny”—about a bridal consultant-turned-nanny for a wealthy family— that she became a household name.Funny, sweet, and (questionably) fashionable, Fran not only won the hearts of the Sheffields, but also viewers everywhere. diplomat, doing work in connection with her advocacy for women’s health and cancer awareness.Fran Drescher NOW In 2001, two years after the conclusion of the show, Drescher beat uterine cancer, which inspired her to write “Cancer Schmancer” and launch her own non-profit organization of the same name. As for acting, her latest work includes voicing Eunice, the wife of Frankenstein’s monster, in “Hotel Transylvania”, and starring in her own TV show (modeled after her very own life), “Happily Divorced.” Charles Shaughnessy THEN Prior to “The Nanny,” Charles Shaughnessy was already a famous TV star, known for his role as Shane Donovan in the soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” But the British actor went from his secret agent role to filthy rich widower when he signed on to play Maxwell Sheffield, the formerly stuffy and uptight patriarch who eventually falls in love with his gorgeous nanny.Charles Shaughness NOW After playing Maxwell Sheffield, British actor went on to voice Dennis the Goldfish in the animated Disney series, “Stanley,” for which he won an Emmy.

The show teases the viewers with their closeness and "near misses" as well as with an engagement.

While he does have some success as a Broadway producer, he remains constantly in the shadow of his rival Andrew Lloyd Webber, who always seems to have the upper hand.

He does not spend a lot of time with his children due to his busy schedule, hence he ends up hiring Fran Fine as the children's nanny.

Since then, he has continued doing guest roles in TV shows such as “Veronica Mars,” “Hannah Montana,” and “CSI: NY.” He also recently appeared on Drescher’s new series, “Happily Divorced” and had a role in Lifetime’s recent Elizabeth Taylor biopic, “Liz & Dick.” In 2007, Shaughnessy became the fifth Baron Shaughnessy upon the death of his second cousin.

Daniel Davies THEN Though Daniel Davis spoke with an upper class British accent as Niles, the Sheffield family’s loyal, witty, and often sardonic butler, is in fact an Arkansas native with a Southern accent. Daniel Davies NOW Daniel Davis continued doing Broadway plays following the conclusion of The Nanny, and was even nominated for a Tony Award for his role in Wrong Mountain.

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Maxwell Sheffield is the male protagonist who ends up hiring Fran Fine to watch over his three children, Maggie, Brighton, and Grace.