Dakota fanning dating 65 year old in a relationship dating service

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Dakota fanning dating 65 year old

High school reconnections are cute, but this one didn't seem to last.

Until a few months ago, Fanning appeared to be laying low both publicly and romantically.

' Logan recently split with his girlfriend so when Dakota split with Jamie [Strachan] they hooked up again.

According to Frye's Facebook page, he also lives in New York and previously attended the University of Vermont.The 22-year-old actress has started dating commercial real estate broker Logan Markley, who she had a year-long relationship with when they were both students at North Hollywood's Campbell Hall Episcopal High School in Los Angeles.According to Daily Mail.com: "Dakota and Logan have always been close and they dated for about a year in high school.The actress, a three-times divorced mother-of-two, is dating Michael Evers, an aspiring actor and model who lives in her building in Los Angeles - and the pair were seen working up a sweat as they hiked around their neighborhood today.Her third marriage to actor Emmanuel Xuereb ended in divorce in 2011 after she accused him of physically abusing her throughout their marriage and claiming she was too afraid to report him to the police.

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During an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan at the time, Stacey used a line made famous by Martin Luther King Jr, saying that she chose her presidential pick 'not by the color of his skin but the content of his character'.