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Dads agains daughters dating images

Perhaps she’s been spending time with friends more often, or is being secretive and vague when you ask her questions. Your girlfriend goes to the bathroom, your eyes laser beam over to her cell phone, and before you know it, you’re scrolling through her text messages, looking for a reason you feel a knife twisting in your gut every time she says she’s going out with friends.You know something’s off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Well this same theme plays out in many different ways in relationships.They don’t live an inspired existence because they’re too busy living in fear.Maybe they made the mistake of listening to their own naysayers, and they’re just parroting words that have kept them down their whole life?Some will pat you on the back and say, “GO FOR IT,” but there’s always person who gets off on taking a dump in your happiness sandwich.Common remarks from naysayers: You might receive ‘helpful advice’ along the lines of: ‘I know someone else who tried that and it didn’t work out for them.’Your confidence will be attacked with: ‘Are you you’re qualified?So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.As someone that’s lived through this scenario, I’ll start out by saying that you’re missing the point. Perhaps your girlfriend suddenly added a password to her phone.

Ask them what their concerns are and, without judgement, address them one by one. Comfort them through their fears, while peacefully standing your ground. they know i have the talent because they know Im singer at my school. im very scare to tell them i want to be a real singer. and something tell me they wont ever let me even if i’ve already tell them. It could be your boss, your pal, your parents, your husband or wife, your neighbor, your neighbor’s mother’s husband …Regardless of where you encounter them, naysayers all have the same toxic tendency: they get off on popping bubbles, raining on parades, throwing wet blankets on ambitions, and farting on dreams. It may be an adventure, a new career path, an artistic pursuit, or a crazy invention to rival Velcro.Hopefully it’s involves a plan more inspired than quitting your job to sit at home in your robe growing out your facial hair, while watching soaps day long (in lieu of soaps).Have you ever shared your dream with someone, only to have them stomp on it with a few unsupportive words?‘I’ve been thinking about writing a book, and—’‘It’s really hard to get published, you know.’There’s a breed of control freaks who quietly lurk, ready to attack your precious, vulnerable ideas as soon as you share them with the world.

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Align with people who blow air into your balloon, rather than the pricks. What advice would you give to people who are not being supported?