Criteria for validating software requirements

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Criteria for validating software requirements

They usually describe opportunities that an organization wants to realise or problems that they want to solve. Mid-level statements of the needs of a particular stakeholder or group of stakeholders.

They usually describe how someone wants to interact with the intended solution.

Requirements are also an important input into the verification process, since tests should trace back to specific requirements.

Requirements show what elements and functions are necessary for the particular project.

For other kinds of requirements, see Need, Obligation, and Intelligence requirement.

Product and process requirements are closely linked; a product requirement could be said to specify the automation required to support a process requirement while a process requirement could be said to specify the activities required to support a product requirement.

For example, a maximum development cost requirement (a process requirement) may be imposed to help achieve a maximum sales price requirement (a product requirement); a requirement that the product be maintainable (a product requirement) often is addressed by imposing requirements to follow particular development styles (e.g., object-oriented programming), style-guides, or a review/inspection process (process requirements).

Requirements are typically classified into types produced at different stages in a development progression, with the taxonomy depending on the overall model being used.

For example, the following scheme was devised by the International Institute of Business Analysis in their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge High-level statements of the goals, objectives, or needs of an organization.

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The requirement is concisely stated without recourse to technical jargon, acronyms (unless defined elsewhere in the Requirements document), or other esoteric verbiage.